How and When to Clean Your Workspace

We have received a few questions from client as to how they should be cleaning their workspace if a person (confirmed or suspected) of being infected with COVID-19 has been there.  First, standard janitorial cleaning is not sufficient.  Any cleaning and decontamination should be done by professionals who are trained and experienced with biohazard and contaminants, equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), and who have developed site-specific health and safety plans.  Below are a few links gathered by environmental attorney and friend of the firm, Anne Viner, that contain updated information and guidance on this issue:

  1. CDC List of approved products for COVID-19 disinefection – CLICK HERE
  2. CDC Interim guidance for employers – CLICK HERE
  3. CDC information on how COVID-19 spreads – CLICK HERE
  4. EPA, Emerging Pathogen Guidance for Antimicrobial Pesticides – CLICK HERE