3 Ways to help your lawyer better represent you

When our firm initially commences with the representation of a client or a new legal matter with an existing client, we are often asked a series of questions centering on what our clients can do to be as helpful as possible throughout our representation.  To better serve our clients and work together effectively, we have found that there are 3 primary ways our clients can help us:

  1. Communication

Communication is the most important way that you can help your lawyer better represent you.  It is imperative that you disclose all relevant information to counsel.  As your counsel, we can’t best and fully represent your interests if we don’t have all of the facts.  In litigation, it is best to be forthcoming from the start.  You don’t want your discovery responses to be the first time we are learning information about your case.

  1. Documentation

Hopefully you’re maintaining proper records in both your professional and personal life.  As your counsel, we need access to all relevant documents.  Those documents are evidence of the facts we discuss in Step 1 of this post.  We need to review those documents in order to gain a complete picture of your case, as well as develop the best strategy going forward.

  1. Time

We know you’re busy.  However, in order for us to successfully advocate for you, we need some of your time.  Delays in responding to counsel’s inquiries or requests for meetings not only impede your lawyer’s ability to represent you, but those delays can ultimately harm your case.  Ensuring that the necessary time is carved out of your schedule and timely responding to your lawyer’s correspondence will go a long way in aiding your representation.

This post is not intended to be legal or tax advice.  Formeller & Formeller LLP’s Chicago attorneys have helped numerous clients with their transactional and litigation needs.  Please contact our law firm today for a free legal consultation if you would like to discuss business or commercial issues.

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